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    he’s throwing up that illuminati sign like wat  

    he’s throwing up that illuminati sign like wat  

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    the OOP heard around the world

    The part that made me chuckle was the NY chapter of the ACLU. Like, “These pictures are nifty and all nice and neatly put together in this handy tag. Can y’all tag us so we’re in the loop? This is great for a class case- I mean class collection of pictures to show at a later date. Possibly in court.”

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    The Four Leaf Clover

    You don’t need a gambling addiction to know how lucky the four leaf clover can be. The origins of the clover comes from Adam & Eve where Eve picks one for good luck. Additional lore states that each clover represents something: Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck.


    Knock on…

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    I’m astonished at the myopia of Marvel and DC comics. 80% of the planet’s population are non white. 80% of the people walking or sleeping on the surface of Earth at any given moment are POC, and yet the culturally stunted brontosauruses( let’s call them comic book writers and editors) want you to believe that it’s normal for all the universe’s super heroes to be Caucasian or Caucasian-based. Hell, Silver Surfer could pass for a New Hampshire beachcomber.

    I don’t regret walking away from comic books a few years ago The writers are just too closeted.

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    My two favorite pop songs of all time are both by a Roby(i)n and both called “Show Me Love”. Whaaaaaat?

    What 90s kid doesn’t know the chorus to the “Show me Love?!”

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